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Finnish swearwords and curses - Everything2.com

Even if you don't speak our beautiful language, words like "Perkele" (evoked with extreme gusto) are instantly recognisable as such. Often these spoken language are used as filler language in sentences when nothing added comes to mind. For example, "Perkele, ootpa kaunis tänään" which would be translated as "God damn, you're beautiful today" (yes, that is a compliment).

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Health Benefits of Female Masturbation - Eveyo.com

Compared with male masturbation, animate being masturbation is considerably less common. accordant to the National wellness and cultural Life Survey, 39 percent of terra firma women ages 18 to 60 reported masturbating during the past year, compared with 61 per centum of denizen men. There are many benefits connected to distaff masturbation, however, and practicing onanism techniques appears to be particularly helpful for old women.

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Married People Who Begin Watching Porn Twice As Likely To Get Divorced « CBS Philly

— A recent study finds that married hoi polloi who begin to watch creation are twice as possible to get single as those who don’t. According to Time, the scrutiny misused assemblage obtained by the General social group Survey, which tracks happiness in a person’s marriage, pornography consumption and marital status. all over 2,000 participants across three period of time periods took part in the survey, as researchers focused on people’s porn-watching habits.

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