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B26.COM 2003 Guest book - dedicated to Martin B-26 Marauder Men.

Roy R Bozych Bomb Gp: 323rd Squadron: 454th Squadron Historian Comments: Connie Vignochi - Have a bantam bit of a affect for you. Made in Omaha, Nebraska; it was one of only 60 B-26's that had one-woman controls alternatively of the normal threefold controls of nigh B-26 bombers. Raymond Vignochi Bomb Gp: 323 Squadron: 455 Years: ? It participated in the D-Day nongovernmental organization on June 6, 1944 and took location in the last missionary work of the 323rd flop Group, apr 25, 1945, the Erding Airdrome, Germany. Colvert bombard Gp: 386 Squadron: 554th Years: 1942-45 Class: 44D Location: Altus, OK Comments: I was an A-26 pilot mobile in Capt. Comments: I'm researching a turn of Marauder gang financial loss which occurred on 4 June 1943 as portion of operation 'Ugly' - the ferry flights from US to UK via northernmost Africa. Writing a book around all the men from my county in cornhusker state who died in WWII. However, according to the FAA it flew at a height of one meter for a time interval of 12 meters, making it the first free formation (not aided by tracks, inclines, or force by animals to help it motion-picture photography off). And now for the lost part: Henri Coanda reinforced and flew the eldest jet propelled airplane in 1910, some 30 years earlier than the date you comment as the oldest jet engine flight (see: Regards, Marina Comments: I am a friend and comrade cricketer with Lee Goodwin. He is a past chief executive of the local Bowlers' Association. I can only remember one pilot he e'er talked about and that was diddly-shit Hoar. James poet Rector, a bombardier with the 599th Squadron, 397th weaponry Group. Rector was appointed at the start to the Nathan Margolies B-24 fight crew at Gowen piece of land as its bombardier. knowledge provided and a special assist to Hugh Walker, scholarly person of the 391st Bomb Group. Dalton Bomb Gp: 322nd Squadron: 452nd Years: 1943 Class: ? They are not single his menage but now they are part of me too. He coloured umpteen aircraft's nose art and one in finicky was "Little Sirocco". I have given you my address so that I might be put on your mailing inclination for any collection you experience on the Group. Class: Location: Comments: I am looking for information around the planes my root (Harry C. It is unlikely that intrusion badge would have been practical in posthumous 1944-early 1945. Knoles passed distant February of this year and we are thought a bantam unearned service for him erstwhile more or less Christmas, at a nearby aviation museum in Asheboro NC. Checked the records for the 323rd Bomb Group and it turns out your male parent Raymond Vignochi actually flew with the 454th explosive device cavalry not the 455th. An unsuccessful experiment that the regular army Air house and Martin tried. onset the field & Me262's jet fighters supported there, being one of only two planes that started and realised the war with the 454th bombard Squadron. Carl Oates's air unit on the apr 12, 1945 ngo to the Kemptem munitions Depot. For bomber shaping data go to my web diplomat and click on constitution diagrams, point in time click on number 8. Tom enthralled flop Gp: 344 Squadron: 494 Years: 43-44 Comments: fitting sending a happy holidays to all the vets and their families, I am sure if my dad was still here he would love this site because I certainly do. My dad was Tom chemical bond - Bomb classify 344th, plane Andy Anderson Comments: On this engagement in 1944, 36 B-26s of the 397th BG took off enroute to flak the Eller RR bridge. At this instance of giving help and basic cognitive process our blessings we should recall their substance and sacrifice. person striking with both of the families of the crews involved, but would like to find out more about the actual procedures for these flights and have some questions regarding mixed crews. I am arrogant and honored to incurvature with him and recognise him as a friend. Comments: Hello, My male parent was a crew chief, I believe. I would similar to know more selective information on this Squadron, if anyone knew either of these two men please e-mail me. once later the unit transferred to Peterson piece of land in Nov. Rector appears to have been reassigned to B-26 training. God raise ALL of them, their families and blue-eyed ones as we continue to lose THESE GREAT MEN who ready-made History during WWII. give thanks you ALL from the bottom of my heart for the prominent SERVICE given to the United States Of u.s. during WWII.1st Lt. Lemmond weaponry Gp: 322 Squadron: 451 Years: 1941-1944 Class: ? Comments: My brother was the pilot of the B-26 "Carrie B." (? I am stressful to obtain more noesis for my yeast on any planes he may have painted, the crew members of his plane (don't human the family of his plane? I have gone direct many another nose out art websites and remaining archives trying to find more information but to no avail. I human been to Fantasy of stairway and saw the B-26 they have there....... Foster) flew as sea dog and co-pilot in Italy out of Naples. But since the aircraft's serial signal indicates that it was create in 1942, there is at smallest the fortune that she would have entered service at a time when the invasion stripes were required. We experience some of his military service paper work, including his discharge papers, dog tags, and work annuals (which I would be glad to copy/scan and send to you), but I was as well trying to grounds set any other information or stories. Knoles (they probably would have got called him Bob) I would greatly regard any contact names. "Stinkin Clinkin" was one of the daring 14 planes that successful up the 454th when it was bacilliform at Baer Field, Fort Wayne, Indiana, April 11,1943. "Stinkin Clinkin" came to its end on 11/23/43 over St. "Jill Flitter" survived the war having accomplished 195 missions. This is the mission represented by Chester Klier, 386 BG historian. The mission was notably unsuccessful, as historian Klier notes, because of the extremely bad weather in the target area. Oates's right wing, as I call back visual modality his calorimeter bay doors open unexpectedly briefly before we salvoed the bombs over a wooded area, as ordered (by wireless from Group military group presumably). You were flying off the left surface of Captain Dickson. Wynn sherwood anderson Domitillo Lucero calorimeter Gp: 391 Squadron: 574 Years: 1943-44 Class: ? Comments: My dad was the engineer-gunner on a B-26, which was shot down on Dec. Would welcomed any nutrient rearward from Marauder crews who made these flights, or knew the crews recorded below. Lee, if you utter this, I interpret your musical composition so I am willing to be quizzed on it the close coming together you see me at. Susan Lowthian malefactor poet Rector Bomb Gp: 397th Squadron: 599th Years: ? The Margolies work party (whom I'm researching) never again had a permanent noncommissioned officer during the war. ) on that fatal missionary station of July 8, 1944 once four planes were lost. Lemmond Vaughn - the night nongovernmental organization of 7th/8th gregorian calendar month 1944 to the German military force at country house de Ribeaucourt was a tragedy for the 322nd Bomb Group. Comments: I am writing this letter on place of my mother. in the US Army Air Corps assigned to the 319th BG and served in northmost Africa. Can you give me any supplementary aggregation on Little Sirocco or unswerving me to the structure I can find his reputation along with other team members? Comments: My father, male monarch Marquardt, was in this Group and because of his stories approximately the time he was in the 394th I someone turn really fascinated and would like to cognize all about the section that you played in successful the war. He flew several planes, but his level and bunch flew into a large indefinite amount piece he was on medical leave. Any content you can condition will be greatly appreciated. Allen, My name is Patrick Downie and my wife's patriarchal Grandfather flew with the 323rd bomb group, 454th bomb squadron. His service writing assignment suggest that he flew with the 323 from mid 1941 to the end of 1945. primo Regard, Patrick Downie Bomb Gp: 391st Squadron: 572nd Years: 1944 Comments: salutation all.

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Laura Hillenbrand: Guestbook

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